Visually Appealing Business Cards Designed to Help Promote a Company

seamstress-letterpress-enlargedBusiness cards have been used by company heads and employees for decades. The design and style of a business card has evolved over the years to reflect the various industries people work in. These cards do more than just provide the recipient with the employee’s information, they also work as a way of advertising the business. People interested in obtaining the type of cards that will help promote their business could use an online agency that specializes in business card printing. A company such as Jukebox offers limitless possibilities for the design of this card.

Choosing Materials

When using an online agency for business card printing, the customer will have several options available to choose from. The largest area for options is found in the cardstock. This is the paper the card will be printed on, which often makes up the majority of the background. Depending on what industry the card will represent, the cardstock used could range from 100 percent recycled paper to distinctive colored foils. Customers could also have the option of choosing cards printed on cork or paper with a silk matte finish. Each type of cardstock would also be available in an assortment of colors.

Additional Enhancements

In addition to the cardstock, customers using an online Business Card Printing service could also have options for the way the lettering appears on the card. Embossed and letterpress styles create depressions in the surface of the card to add texture and visual appeal. 3D printing goes a step beyond these methods to create a series of both raised and recessed areas that could be used to make an intricate design around the border of the card. Other options available for lettering include the font style and size as well as the color. A business card could be created using as many as three different colors of ink.